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Message from the President

JSiSE President Toshio Okamoto

This society, looking to the future, strives to explore academically various issues concerning educational developments. Almost 35 years have passed since the society was formed, it has a long history and has tradition and authority.
A feature of this society is to study ‘educational developments’ from a system science and informatics viewpoint and to explore, accumulate, refine and share the methods, techniques and knowledge for problem resolution. We wish to foster an atmosphere where all members can participate in the activities and the management of the society. We will continue to present new visions and hope to achieve a membership exceeding 2000. We aim to expand and enrich both the quality and quantity of the activities of the society and sincerely hope that you will join us.
Now, we have entered an era where everything is fiercely competitive and unstructured, survival itself is a challenge. Politics and public administration is in a state of chaos and the traditional social order and structures can no longer be taken for granted. The state of education is no exception. In these circumstances, it is necessary for us to consider how academic societies such as ours can contribute to society and what roles we can play.

We need to create a system with flexibility, able to tackle various practical educational issues, and looking to the future, review academic values from a new perspective.
Research topics include, e-learning, information education, media/tools supporting learning・education・training, social networks such as SNS, web intelligence, artificial intelligence, e-pedagogy, community of practices, CSCL and so on. We, however, should try to differentiate ourselves aspiring to be society aiming to lead in information technology theory and in practical research and applications.
International activities are also important. We will make further steps to cement our position as the only balanced professional society in our country to study technology and educational issues from the viewpoint of system science and informatics.

We are not sure to what extent we will be able to achieve our objectives, but I would appreciate it if you could share your ideas and lend your practical support for our endeavors. Internationally, there are similar societies and international conferences with these common goals and we hope to make partnerships with them. Further, we believe that participation in various advisory activities for matters of national policy will be important roles for academic societies like ours.
Finally, I conclude this message by appealing for active involvement and contributions from as many members as possible and express my hope that this society will be both productive and active taking international leadership.